The 8 Key Outcomes from the Army VERTEX | Energy Event

See what the US Army is planning to do with the market intelligence gathered during VERTEX | Energy, April 19-21, 2022

With attendees’ help, VERTEX | Energy captured commercial market intelligence to directly inform the US Army’s Operational Energy Strategy. Through efforts like these, the Army aims to become a leader in power management across the DoD at the Division level.

Here are 8 key outcomes from the event:

Operational and Program leads will work to enhance language regarding energy harvesting, power at the point of need for Soldiers, and AI/ML for energy efficiencies in various Requirements and technical documents.

The Army will find ways to experiment directly with operational units and arm companies with knowledge on how to experiment with the Army.

Recognizing the rate of change and the importance of Energy as a focus area for AFC, VERTEX | Energy will become an annual event.

We will conduct further research on hydrogen, nuclear, and other alternative energy solutions to help power our Army on the future battlefield.

The Army is now exploring commercial solutions that offer common and modular high-voltage packs for platforms and other form factors.

Refined Battery Architecture drafts will simplify what we need from industry and clarify the parameters to participate. This also aims to encourage teaming and partnering among battery cell and battery packaging companies.

The Army Aviation community started a series of workshops to refine the strategy of electrification in Army aircraft, which will continue quarterly.

We will address battery technologies that are developing in the commercial market rather than those that require Army investment to advance.

To learn more, visit We look forward to seeing you at another VERTEX event soon!




We’re not a laboratory in the traditional sense of the word. The Army Applications Laboratory (AAL) is the U.S. Army’s innovation unit. Learn more at

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Army Applications Laboratory

Army Applications Laboratory

We’re not a laboratory in the traditional sense of the word. The Army Applications Laboratory (AAL) is the U.S. Army’s innovation unit. Learn more at

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