RCV Sustainment: Keeping Robotic Combat Vehicles Rugged and Ready

A New Opportunity Through the U.S. Army SPARTN Program

Army Applications Laboratory
2 min readMay 6, 2021

Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCVs) reduce the risk to Soldiers and deliver advantages during conflict. But the U.S. Army can only retain these advantages if RCVs can stay in the fight.

As part of modernization efforts, the Army wants to implement smart-sensor capabilities to help sustain these platforms. From remote troubleshooting, to predictive maintenance, to the ability to anticipate resupply, these capabilities will be critical to the future ground force.

Capabilities like these are maturing in the commercial market. That’s why AAL is partnering with the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team and PM Maneuver Combat Systems on this SPARTN SBIR topic, Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) Sustainment (#A214–035).

We are inviting companies that develop modular hardware and software components to apply. Ultimately, the Army must be able to gather, fuse, and interpret RCV sustainment requirements and operational capabilities in order to deliver actionable information to Soldiers.

Examples of desired features include, but are not limited to:

  • Fusion of fuel level and altitude sensor data so we can amend refueling requirements
  • Ability to remotely corroborate reported damage to the vehicle and identify potential fixes
  • Analysis of battery charge history to predict battery degradation and replacement timeline
  • Prioritization of critical data for transfers made in a degraded communication environment
  • An integrated user interface that is able to display RCV sustainment requirements

In Phase I, as many as 10 businesses will be selected to receive up to $200,000 each for a 12-week period of performance, including the ability to participate in an optional cohort. In Phase II, as many as 5 businesses will be selected to receive up to $1.5 million for a 24-month period of performance.

The official window to ask questions about this SPARTN topic closes on 06.03.2021 at which time a 21-day application window will open. Visit aal.army/spartn to learn more and get details on applying.



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